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Action Needed for Wildlife

States are currently funded at less than 5% of what's needed to fully implement their wildlife action plans, and fish and wildlife continue to decline across the nation. Over 1,300 at-risk species are in Texas alone. If Recovering America's Wildlife Act passes, Texas would be eligible for more than $63 million annually -- truly a game-changer for Texas fish and wildlife, and their habitats.

So many would benefit -- conservation organizations, oil & gas, land trusts, sportsman groups, universities, the outdoor recreation and nature tourism industry, conservation educators, and private landowners -- and all Texans through the services nature provides us. Recovering America's Wildlife Act is good for wildlife, good for business, and good for Texans.

A recent op-ed in the Lufkin Daily News urged local Members of Congress to cosponsor Recovering America's Wildlife Act. They note: "The Pineywoods of East Texas is a beautiful place to live. Maybe we take it for granted, being surrounded day in and day out by such majestic pine forests and tranquil rivers and lakes, but we are truly blessed to live among such gorgeous natural surroundings. Supporting the Recovering America’s Wildlife Act will help keep it that way."

The exciting news is that bipartisan support for Recovering America's Wildlife Act continues to grow. H.R.4647 now has 61 cosponsors, 28 Republicans and 33 Democrats.

But we need more Texas cosponsors! Please call or email your Member of Congress.

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