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Broad Base of Support

Why is there is so much enthusiasm for the Recovering America’s Wildlife Act (H.R. 4647), and why does it have a better chance at passing than past wildlife funding bills?

Because it benefits so many different groups of people! 

Thirty-five members of Congress - 15 Republicans and 23 Democrats - have co-sponsored H.R. 4647, including two Texans. New co-sponsors are coming on board every day.

In Texas, we also have a growing coalition of more than 100 organizations and businesses who have joined the Texas Alliance for America’s Fish and Wildlife to rally behind this once in a generation opportunity.

Why do all of these groups support the Recovering America’s Wildlife Act?  

• It’s a bipartisan bill that does not create new taxes. 

• It directs royalty revenue collected from oil and gas production on federal lands and waters to wildlife projects. These royalties are not currently dedicated to other programs. 

• Texas is home to over 1,300 at-risk fish and wildlife species; H.R. 4647 is designed to keep them OFF the Endangered Species list through preventative conservation efforts. 

• It was developed with input from national leaders in wildlife conservation, oil and gas industry, and outdoor recreation. 

• Texas would be eligible for over $63 million annually to fund qualified projects conducted by Texas state agencies, land trusts, conservation organizations, universities, and private landowners. 

• Keeping species off the Endangered Species List is good for wildlife, good for business, and saves the taxpayer money. 

At any time, you can check out our online Toolkit to read about how different Texas communities would benefit from this legislation. Join our blog over the next few weeks as we highlight the many groups, interests, and businesses that have so much to gain from the passing of the Recovering America’s Wildlife Act!

Photo courtesy TPWD

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